Bryant arrested after credit card attempts declined

Dec. 08, 2012 @ 06:02 AM

RUTHERFORDTON — Police officers and store clerks here are responsible for the arrest of a Charlotte woman who is also wanted in other parts of the state as well as New Jersey for obtaining property by false pretense, using fictitious credit cards.

Lakisha Larea Bryant, 33, of Sullivans Drive in Charlotte is under a $135,000 bond at the Rutherford Detention Facility charged with numerous counts of obtaining property by false pretense.

Also in jail is Victor Rodrick Morris,Jr. 26, Superior Street in Charlotte, charged with three counts felony aid and abet relating to the case. His bond is $30,000. His arrest report states he's employed as a technical with the Charlotte-Meck School System.

Morris was driving the 2012 Cadillac SRX rental car that was later stopped on US 74A near Ellington Heights.

According to Lt. Ricky Gilbert of the Rutherfordton Police Dept., Bryant was attempting to buy about $816 in products at Food Lion, using several different credit cards.

She has previously tried to use the fictitious credit cards at Rite-Aid and also at Bi-Lo in Rutherfordton to make large purchased, but the cards were rejected.

The store clerk said it was very suspicious she attempted to use eight different cards to purchase the items and cards were declined.

When she subsequently left the store, the clerk had a description of her and the vehicle.

Lt. Marc Morgan, Sgt. Brian Martin and Patrol officers Patrick Wiseman and J.T. Sauvey conducted the vehicle stop near Ellington Heights.

Inside the vehicle, Gilbert said numerous gift cards, including a $100 American Express card purchased in Asheville; other gift cards, an iPad mini and items that had been purchased from WalMart, using the fictitious credit cards, were discovered.

Bryant's charges are four counts of obtaining property by false pretense and 10 counts of attempted obtaining property by false pretense.

Bryant and Morris had first court appearances on Friday.

Gilbert said in addition to the good arrest on Thursday, Rutherfordton police officers have also made successful arrests where people have been caught in the act of shoplifting.

"We are trying to be in the areas, walking through Fred's, the convenience and chain stores," he said.

A spokesperson at Fred's said they have had several instances of shoplifting in the store.