Unique painting donated to cancer center

Aug. 03, 2014 @ 03:28 PM

Ray Stacy, a 10-year Rutherford hospital employee, donated a one-of-a-kind painting to the Rutherford Regional Cancer Resource Center on July 25th. 

Stacy has a passion for not only creating beautiful and unique paintings, but also for the meaning they portray.  Stacy’s most recent donation depicts a blue bird sitting on an iron gate with soft flowers showing in the background. 

The painting has incredible detailing throughout the entire piece, although the meaning behind the artwork itself has far more details.  Stacy came across an iron gate that he noticed had a ribbon-like look to it, much like cancer ribbons.  This gate was the original inspiration for his artwork. 

Knowing that blue birds are considered a symbol of hope, Stacy perched one at the bottom of the ribbon formation on the gate in his artwork.  The beautiful flowers in the background represent all of the colors that are associated with different types of cancer.  Stacy wanted his painting to be a symbol of hope for all cancer patients. 

“When people see the painting, I want them to see hope,” Stacy said.  “Hopefully this painting will inspire everyone, not just those that have been affected directly. Everyone needs hope.” 

He has personal experience with two family members who passed away after battling cancer, one of which was diagnosed with a type of ovarian cancer and the other who was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

“My passion is painting.  I wanted to use my passion to help people who are battling cancer; that is why I chose to donate this piece to the Cancer Resource Center.”

“I appreciate Ray Stacy and his talents; he is such a blessing,” said Jamie Ingraham, Cancer Resource Center Director. “This painting is absolutely beautiful and we are excited to be able to display it on our walls until our spring Women Together event, where it will be auctioned off.”

Ray Stacy’s artwork can be found at the Frame House Gallery in Forest City, and online at raystacy.nobullart.com.

The artwork will be included in the cancer fundraising activities offered in conjunction with Rutherford Hospital Inc. (RHI) Legacy Foundation’s annual Women Together event. Women Together is scheduled for Saturday, March 7, 2015.