Kittens finding good homes away from home

Kittens will be transported to Connecticut through Animals on Board.
Jan. 24, 2013 @ 05:01 AM

Some Rutherford County kittens will be taken to good homes outside of the county thanks to Debbie Robbins and the Rutherford County Humane Society.

Robbins, a former veterinarian technician who has four cats of her own, was surprised to find a new one last summer.

"The momma cat came up to the house at the end of August. I made an appointment to have her fixed in September, but she was already pregnant," Robbins said.

Robbins decided to enlist the help of the humane society to find the kittens good homes.

"People call us, and say we have these kittens and don't want to take them to the pound. So we try to find homes for them," said Helen Jones of the Rutherford Humane Society. "Sometimes people find them on the side of the road. More often you might expect, a mother cat will come to somebody's porch and have her kittens there or bring her kittens there."

In Robbins' case, she ended up with six kittens that needed a home; Yam-Yam, Deborah, John, Sweet Grass, Sage and Matthew.

"They are four months old now. I already have four adult cats, so I really can't handle too many more," Robbins said.

The humane society sends their animals north via Animals on Board.

"One day last spring, a lady in New Hampshire wanted to rescue some kittens from the Rutherford County pound. People usually see the animals on Facebook. They were kittens who had been left in a little green bag hanging on the drop box. She said if you will pull them, I will work a way to get them up here and I will have homes for all of them," Jones said. "She got us in touch with Animals On Board transport in Greenville and we have been using them ever since. They come once a week and pick up animals. They drive through the night and deliver them the next day. And they always have someone watching out for the animals in the van."

At first, Robbins thought her kittens were going to be sent to Newtown, CT.

"We had a lady in New York who had asked us about getting kittens for the Sandy Hook community. She took six kittens from us earlier, before we got Debbie's kittens. But more stuff is pouring into Connecticut than they can use, so I guess they got all of the kittens they needed right away," Jones said. "We are sending Debbie's to individual adopters. Two of them are being adopted today from a lady in South Carolina, two of them are going on the transport tomorrow to Rocky Hill, Connecticut to a private adopter and Debbie is keeping two."

Jones says the humane society is very grateful to have this animal transport.

"We have been so grateful that we have found out that we can get them to go on the transport out of state, especially cats, because you know what happens to them in Rutherford County. There were just piles of kittens being put to sleep in the pound everyday in the spring," Jones said. "They send a lot of them up north because they don't have a lot of adoptable animals to pick from. It is exhilarating to have kittens going."

The new owners of the kittens will keep the humane society updated on their progress and send pictures.

"We keep in touch. When they first go we want to get pictures of them," Jones said.

If anyone would like to adopt or find a happy home for an animal, they can visit or call 828-286-0222.