Adkins sworn-in as Ruth Commissioner

Feb. 05, 2013 @ 11:14 AM

For the first time since 1978, a member of the Goode family has not served on the Ruth Town Board with Mayor Don Baynard.  

All that changed Monday night during the regular business meeting when Chris Adkins was sworn into office to fill the unexpired term of Commissioner Jim Goode, who passed away on Jan. 18.

Baynard was elected commissioner in 1978 and has served with Tobe Goode and Jim Goode until Monday night. Wiping tears, he recalled the years of service with the Goodes.

Adkins, a captain with the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department, was sworn into office with his hand on the Bible that belonged to his mother's grandparents in 1926. Holding the Bible was Sheriff Chris Francis.

Adkins told Baynard, Commissioner Mike Ellenburg and Town Clerk Amy Goode-Hanaway, he was proud to fill the unexpired term. "I am honored," Adkins said. "But I can't fill a Jim Goode's shoes."

Baynard told Adkins, "we're so proud to have you represent the community of Ruth and we believe our citizens feel the same way."

Goode-Hanaway, who is the daughter of the late Jim and Billie Goode, has agreed to remain in her job as town clerk, a position she has held since 2002 when her mother passed away.  

Shedding tears she read an official proclamation honoring her father.

The proclamation stated Goode was known as a pioneer for the development, enhancement and ongoing evolution of Ruth, he was an advocate for the town's residents, supporter for growth, a believer in progress and has invested his life effecting change that will live on in Ruth and Rutherford County.

"Jim Goode played a leading role in shaping public attitudes and provided a valuable role model for future generations . . .touched our deepest emotions and built bridges among people of all ages, abilities, races and religions," the proclamation stated.

January was officially proclaimed "Jim Goode Month."

Goode's term was to expire in November. Since 1989 Goode, Ellenburg and Baynard have served on the town board, campaigning together.

Adkins recalled the years when all three would come to his Ruth home, asking for his support.

Adkins said he wouldn't make any decisions about running for the seat in November.