Arising to the challenge of opportunity

Lake Lure names new police chief
Nov. 14, 2013 @ 04:53 AM

On Tuesday, the Town of Lake Lure announced the promotion of Lieutenant Sean Humphries to the position of Chief of the Lake Lure Police Department.

"I'm very appreciative of the opportunity I've been given and I've enjoyed the time I've spent working here at the department," Humphries said. "I look forward to the opportunities to continue to improve the department and make a department that the citizens of Lake Lure can be proud of."

Humphries has spent more than 13 years serving Lake Lure as part of the police department, and through the summer, he served as acting police chief.

"Sean has served in an exemplary manner, demonstrating his skills, leadership style, readiness and desire for the role of chief," said Lake Lure Town Manager Chris Braund. "He fully meets all of the requirements, knowledge, skills and ability outlined in our job description for the Chief of Police. Most importantly for Lake Lure, Sean demonstrates a clear understanding of the needs of policing in a tourist and resort community."

For the last several months, the town evaluated 27 other applicants from various jurisdictions for the position.

Braund said that while many candidates were impressive, at the end of the day there was little reason to look elsewhere to find the qualities needed in a police chief.

"I have been impressed by the show of support for Sean from the department, even from former officers that were trained by and worked for Sean," Braund said. "There is no need to make a wholesale change in culture or policing philosophy."

According to Braund, because of Humphries' experience as a detective and the capabilities of his team, the town will be eliminating the role of Lieutenant/Detective/Assistant Chief.

"Between Chief Humphries and his two highly skilled sergeants, there is solid leadership in the department," Braund said. "I am confident that they, along with their officers, have the capacity to handle the investigative workload. Over the next year we will evaluate the effectiveness of this organizational adjustment."

Humphries said as far as future challenges, like any other police department, his team tries to consistently provide service to the community that they will approve of and appreciate.

Humphries and his team will continue to fulfill their roles as law enforcement officers by effectively dealing with any criminal elements they come in contact with as well as working to continuously improve the police department from within.

"Our citizens are fortunate to have a strong police department with a positive reputation in the community and a dedicated, capable team," Braund said. "I am confident Chief Humphries represents the best choice to lead our police department. People cite his tenure and loyalty with the department, his strength as a teacher and trainer and his unquestionable integrity."

"I love getting out and dealing with the public. We've got great citizens here and they've always supported our police department, and in turn we try to support them as well," Humphries said. "I enjoy law enforcement — the basic job and what we do. It's a brotherhood and I'm proud to be a part of it."