LLCA adds character education to curriculum

Students are urged to inquire, inspire and serve.
Aug. 30, 2013 @ 07:14 AM

Lake Lure Classical Academy (LLCA) has added a Character Education Program (CEP) component to its 2013-14 curriculum.

The LLCA CEP is designed around nine character strengths, allowing a school-wide focus on one each month. The Core Knowledge Curriculum already teaches these character traits, and the new CEP strengthens the existing curriculum by emphasizing them. The school's motto to students is "Inquire. Inspire. Serve."

"We do annual parent surveys and this was the top program that they wanted to see happen," said Laura Walker, school guidance counselor, who is working with teachers to implement CEP.

LLCA staff received one-on-one training with (CEP) from Walker who is also teaching supplemental lessons to each grade throughout the year.

"This is giving me a chance to go into the classrooms and concentrate on that month's character themes," Walker said.

Her visits will be monthly for kindergarten through second grades and weekly for third through eighth grades. High school students will work with the high school English teacher through online journaling and other writing assignments with occasional visits each semester by Walker.

"With the teacher implementation, currently they are looking for teachable moments and trying to work the character education in naturally," Walker said. "Since it's the first year of this we wanted to make it an easy transition."

Walker said some of the traits the school will focus on are social intelligence, gratitude, service, optimism and integrity. Self-evaluations will occur at the end of each month, and third through tenth grades will have the opportunity to work with a trusted friend or partner to give peer feedback.

"We are proud of the character education program and look forward to seeing the LLCA staff build a culture over time that enriches our students and community," Melinda Morse, LLCA board member and curriculum committee chair, said in a statement. "We believe this program will set our school apart and is a truly valuable investment in our students' future in our world."