Upchurch resigns; Boland named interim school director

May. 24, 2013 @ 05:13 AM

Following  the resignation of director Caroline Upchurch last week from Lake Lure Classical Academy, curriculum director  Jess Boland, has been named acting School Director.

“We sincerely appreciate Ms. Upchurch for her enthusiasm and commitment to the school during our first three formative years,” said Board Chair Jim Proctor.

“Along with a team of great teachers, amazing students and truly supportive families, we have been able to, not just open the school, but grow and strengthen its impact and reputation in the communities we serve.”

In August, the school will embark on its fourth year and will add 10th grade.  Over 320 students are enrolled with the number continually increasing.

“While we say goodbye to Ms. Upchurch and wish her all the best in her future endeavors, we are at the same time excited about how the school is so strongly poised for this next chapter in our unfolding story,” said Proctor.

“An active recruitment effort is getting underway for a dynamic new school director, someone highly suited to lead LLCA into the future with vision, experience, discipline, openness and compassion,” Proctor said.

As the school year comes to a close this month, end-of-grade testing is underway. It will be followed by field trips and other events for the students.

Additionally, a School Leadership Team of teachers and parent representatives is forming to make classroom assignments and identify new teacher and staff positions that will be hired.  This group will make it a top priority to communicate these plans to parents.

Joe Maimone, founder and headmaster at the Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, has joined LLCA’s board.  “We look forward to his insights and experience as we continue to build our own highly successful high school program,” Proctor said.

For the new school year that starts this August, LLCA has obtained space in the brick buildings to the west of the school. These additional, temporary facilities will include three classrooms, two sets of boys/girls restrooms and an office space with a restroom.

The space will be renovated for approved use as a school. The new facilities will be used for ninth and 10th graders.