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Lake Lure officer hired full-time
Mar. 16, 2014 @ 03:34 AM

Officers with the Lake Lure Police Department recently welcomed reserve officer Ryan Bailey to the force as a full-time employee.

A native of Rutherford County, Bailey, 22, was sworn in as a Lake Lure reserve officer on April 16, 2013.

"Since the beginning it has been a goal of mine to become a full-time officer with the department," Bailey said. " I love getting to help people on a daily basis."

Lake Lure Police Chief Sean Humphries said during Bailey's time as a reserve officer, he demonstrated great professionalism, a high level of courtesy with the public and did an outstanding job for the department.

"When we had an opening available for a full-time officer, we immediately chose Bailey," Humphries said. "Although he has only been a full-time officer for a few weeks now, he is continuing to grow as he had before as far as doing a great job and being the type of officer that we want up here in Lake Lure. We couldn't be more pleased with him."

Last November Bailey was recognized as the Rookie/Reserve Officer of the Year during the 8th Annual Lake Lure Police Department Evening of Honor, hosted by Larkin's On The Lake. Sponsored by Todd and Melinda Morse, the award is a recognition by peers within the department for an officer's dedication to the department and community.

"In the past this award has been broken into two separate awards," Humphries said at the ceremony. "But this year the officer being presented this award stood out in both categories."

Humphries said during Bailey's service with the department, he has shown true compassion for law enforcement and a maturity that new officers do not often demonstrate.

"When I have given tasks that most new officers would frown upon, he has always accepted with a smile," he said.

Bailey is currently assigned as a patrol officer and works a 12-hour evening shift that begins at 6 p.m. and concludes at 6 a.m.

"I prefer the night shift over the day shift. As a younger officer I feel I am more suited for working in the evenings," Bailey said.

As a patrol officer, Bailey has the opportunity to utilize the police department's new Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) installed in patrol vehicles. The MDTs provide the latest software for performing tasks such as running background checks and mapping out calls from the vehicles. The terminals were purchased using a $15,000 Facebook Community Action Grant awarded to the police department last December.

"It is not always easy to find an officer who is willing to put in a good amount of time like this officer does on a weekly or even a monthly basis," Humphries said. "Even as a reserve officer, every time we needed him, whether it was due to an officer being out or due to a large event in which we needed more officers than we had, he has yet to turn us down."