Snow or no snow? That is the question

Feb. 16, 2013 @ 02:24 AM

There have been several occasions where Rutherford County residents have been “teased” with the prospect of snowfall this winter.

Today could be another in a line of those “teasers.”

Doug Outlaw, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, based at the Greenville/Spartanburg (S.C.) International Airport, said that today’s forecast does possess one of the best opportunities for Rutherford County to see snow.

He said a low pressure that will form close to the coast will start to push to the east and, with it a band of snow potentially for the area.

“As it intensifies and moves to the east, there is a band of snow that will form over the Piedmont and into the foothills,” Outlaw said. “It won’t be here for very long before it moves out.”

Officially, the National Weather Service is forecasting between 12” and 1” of snowfall for Rutherford County. Outlaw said, as you move east towards Shelby, Gastonia and Charlotte, the snow accumulation is expected to be greater.

In addition to the potential for snow, the temperatures in the county this weekend are expected to be cold.

“The high temperature for the day will hit before daybreak,” Outlaw said. “It will drop into the 30s and stay there all day.”

The low temperature tonight is forecast to be in the lower 20s with the highs on Sunday only slightly warmer than today.

“It is going to be a very chilly weekend before it starts to warm up at the beginning of the week,” Outlaw said.

But, today could be just another day where snow is expected and nothing materializes.

The last winter weather event took place Jan. 18 when the forecast was for up to 3” of snow in Rutherford County. Yet, all the county received was sleet and rain.

The strange weather patterns continued at the end of January when the county was hit with strong thunderstorms and heavy rain.

Still ... no snow.

So, the question still remains: Will we get snow today?

“I remember the event when we were expecting snow and it didn’t snow in this area but did in the northern mountains,” Outlaw said. “There is no guarantee that it will happen this time.

“But, it does look very favorable.”

He said that, besides today, there is no forecast for snowfall in the county “in the near future.