Courier creating 'Weekender' edition

Nov. 01, 2013 @ 06:13 AM

In a move to improve its overall presentation and content, The Daily Courier will be increasing the size of its Sunday newspaper.

Additionally, the Sunday paper will be called a "Weekender" edition, beginning Nov. 10.

The move was announced by Courier Publisher/Advertising Director Lori Spurling.

The change will include additional sports, news and opinion coverage in the Weekender edition as well as placing additional content in its Friday newspaper.

"We pride ourselves on providing the best local news and sports coverage," Spurling said. "We will utilize our website, Facebook and Twitter to complement The Daily Courier in print."

Content such as public notices, calendars and other coverage will be rolled into a new Weekender edition, which will come out on Sunday morning. Other content will be moved back to Friday and/or placed on the website [].

The move means an end to The Daily Courier's Saturday paper, which Spurling said was driven by market studies.

"Really it was the market that told us Saturday was not a good day for publishing," Spurling said. "Readership and sales are traditionally not good on Saturdays for any newspaper, not just The Daily Courier."

She said the Courier will still publish Tuesday through Friday and Sunday.

The Opinion section will be increased to two pages and news and sports sections will feature bolstered content sections for the "Weekender" edition.

The church calendar, which has been a staple in the Saturday paper will be moved back to Friday to provide better advanced notice to events going on throughout the community.

Spurling said the change will not include any price increases.

"We want to provide content in a timely fashion and this change means better advanced notice of weekend events on Friday as well as better in-depth analysis on Sunday," Spurling said.

Additionally, delivery time of the "Weekender" edition will be no different than the delivery time of weekend papers.

"Again, our sole focus is to provide better service to the community and the best local news, sports and information that Daily Courier readers have come to expect," Spurling said. "This move will allow us to do that and provide more timely coverage to Rutherford County."