Music event at McNair Stadium tonight

Jun. 14, 2013 @ 06:01 AM

Beginning at 7 p.m. today until 11 p.m. an inaugural music event will be held at McNair Stadium in Forest City.

Anyone over 21 is invited to the stadium to enjoy music, food and beverages from the beer garden.  DJ Rodney Greene will provide the music for the event.

The event was a request of Owls Manager Jeremy Boler who asked permission to host this event and two others this summer on Friday nights when there is no baseball.

Attendees will come through the main gate and the music event will be held in the area of the beer garden and the front concourse of the stadium.

Boler said he is hoping the weather "holds out" for the event.

At the last meeting of Forest City Town Council, the board asked Boler for a report back to them at next Monday's meeting.

If there are problems tonight, the other events could possibly be cancelled.

Boler doesn't foresee any problems. 

"This is not going to be any different from an Owls game except no baseball. It's like going to Chili's, the same style," Boler said.

A Forest City police officer will be on duty tonight for the event.

The issue was brought before the June 3 town council meeting. 

As in the past, Recreation Director Jody Wright approved the requests from Boler, but Councilman Shane Moore said he wished he had known about the requests beforehand. He said he would have voted against them.

 Moore said he would like to know what is happening in town before someone in the public asks him about such events, especially those involving the sale of alcohol. He said such events could be thought of as town-promoted or condoned events, when they are not.

As a result of the meeting, all applications for the use of McNair Stadium will continue to come to Wright, who will send them City Manager John Condrey for approval. If Condrey has issues with a request, the applications will be brought before the board or final approval.