Grammar school holds Japan Day

Sep. 21, 2013 @ 04:54 AM

Kimonos, chopsticks and wasabi were all present during Japan Day at Thomas Jefferson Grammar School on Friday.

The fifth grade classes have been studying Feudal Japan as part of their Core Curriculum and celebrated by dressing up and trying new Japanese foods.

"While learning about Japan they have made Japanese gardens, written Haikus and done some Japanese prints," said Georgia Maimone, fifth-grade teacher. "We study Feudal Japan because it is a fascinating time period and they had a distinct culture."

On Friday, students sampled dried fruit, rice crackers, mochi cakes, green tea pound cake and rice. Parents demonstrated how to properly use chopsticks so the students could try their hand at it.

"I've learned that Japan closed their country for a while and the emperor didn't have any power," said student Hannah Shroyer. "Also to be a samurai you have to be born or adopted into a samurai family."

Several of the students purchased kimonos from Casper's Closet, but Palina Schneider wore one that her cousin brought back from Japan.

"I've learned that Japan is an archipelago," Schneider said. "It's thousands of islands that make up the nation."

Maimone said this is the third year the fifth grades have celebrated Japan Day.

"This creates a love of learning," Maimone said.