League League officials meet with Town Council

Nov. 20, 2013 @ 06:42 AM

Officials from Little League made a presentation to Forest City Town Council Monday night but monetary issues were not the focus of the meeting.

Little League District Manager Terry Cobb of Rutherfordton and Forest City Little League President Denise Melton appeared before the board with an 11-page document about thr  Little League program in Forest City.

The document included objectives, qualifications to be a member of the board of directors; officers and their duties, committees and the league's assets and other information.

The fiscal year for Forest City Little League runs from Oct.1 through Sept. 30, but thus far no money has been dispersed.

There is $16,000 earmarked for Little league in the town's 2013-14 fiscal year budget but money was not requested Monday night.

"In a normal year they would have come and gotten the money. This is a new day," City Manager John Condrey. "Money was hardly mentioned."

Since the embezzlement issues from the Town of Forest City and the plea agreement regarding the former Little League President Marion Mayes, the Town Council is mulling the distribution of funds.

Mayes pled guilty earlier this month to two counts of misdemeanor conversion of funds. He was sentenced to pay $7,696 in restitution to the League Little program and a 90 days suspended sentence with supervision.

Forest City Finance Director Julie Scherer discovered inaccuracies in the financial reports from Little League earlier this year.

Right now the Forest City Little League has a deficit but the organization is planning to raise money.

In August, Town Council gave the go-ahead to allow Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken baseball leagues use of the town's facilities for the 2013 fall season. No decision was made at that time regarding the spring and summer seasons for 2014.

Condrey said he expects representatives from the other leagues will make presentations to Town Council in December.

Aaron Ellenburg, president of Rutherfordton Little League and Chris White, baseball coach at Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, presented requests in August.

Also Monday night, Town Council approved the lease purchase financing plan to buy vehicles and equipment. The total cost is $503,517 and is in the 2013-14 budget. The financing plan is over three years and is through BB&T.

The purchases will include two police vehicles, two fire vehicles, a single wheel 4X4 service truck and a truck for the Code Enforcement department.

Equipment is being purchased for the Administration, Streets, Cemetery, Parks and Playgrounds departments; McNair Field and the  golf course.

The board also approved the change order #1 for the Central Business District's Sewer Rehabilitation work.  An issue regarding the Intoxicated Beverage Ordinance was deferred to closed session. After the session, there was no action taken on any of the issues.