Murder suspect gets $500K bond

Oct. 19, 2013 @ 05:04 AM

A day after Buddy Robinson would have turned 23 years old his family attended a bond hearing for a man accused of killing him.

Napolean Brian Edgerton, 28, aka “Nike”, charged with shooting  Robinson of Bostic on April 10, 2012, arrived in the Superior Court room Friday under security, shackled and handcuffed.

Edgerton was represented by attorney Mike Edney of Hendersonville who asked Superior Court Judge Tommy Davis to set a bond for his client. He had been in jail since the 2012 shooting without a bond.

The murder is not a capital case and defendants are allowed bond, Edney said in presenting his request.

Edney suggested the bond be set between $125,000 — $100,000 for the murder charge and $25,000 for a possession of firearm by felony charge.

Edney asked the judge to dismiss the other possession of firearm by felony charges against his client.

Edney said Edgerton is the father of two young childen and since his wife died in a car accident in 2008 he needs to help his mother take care of them.

But District Attorney Brad Greenway said Edgerton was a flight risk and before he was arrested in 2012, he “had a non-residence.

“He stayed a number of places when he was being sought by law enforcement officers,” Greenway said.

During the search, officers were told Edgerton lived in Florida but was actually arrested 10 days after the murder at a Spindale residence.

“We contend he is a flight risk and I ask the bond be $750,000,” Greenway said.

Davis set the bond at $500,000 and denied Edney’s request to dismiss the possession of firearm charges. His bond is $125,000 for the firearm possession charges for a total, $625,000.

Robinson was murdered at an abandoned house on Old Ross Road in Spindale and an autopsyrevealed he died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Robinson’s birthday was Thursday, Oct. 17 his family members said.

His sister Genease Hannon cried and was shaking her head at the close of the brief bond hearing.

“He died too young, too young,” she said outside the courtroom. “He was a good boy. . . my baby brother.” Mary Cantrell, Robinson’s mother whom he lived in Bostic at the time of the murder, said she was satisfied with the bond.”I didn’t want him to flee,” she said.

A second arrest in Robinson’s murder case occurred on May 31, 2013.

Co-defendant Marcavus Rynell Carson, 21, of Rutherfordton is being held under a $500,000 bond at the Rutherford County Detention Facility.

The sheriff’s department, the State Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney Office have been working on the case since it occurred 18 months ago outside of Spindale.

Sheriff Chris Francis said at the time of the investigation, the murder occurred during an illegal drug transaction.Ten days after the murder Edgerton was arrested.

Robinson was an East Rutherford High School and Western Carolina University graduate and enrolled in grad school last fall at WCU. He didn’t return to school in 2012.