Willing to promote

Steven Keeter and Will Sisk have started Lord Willing Promotions.
Jul. 07, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

There's a new promotion business in town and the owners want to bring the best of the best musical performers to Rutherford County.

Steven Keeter and Will Sisk have started Lord Willing Promotions in hopes to bring in big-name southern gospel performers for everyone in the county to enjoy.

"We want to bring the most exciting, the newest and the top southern gospel artists that we can bring into Rutherford County. We both love music and we want to share with people that experience," Keeter said. "Our goal is to do this on a level where we can make a living doing it and keep bringing artists in and to start here in our own county that we love."

Keeter and Sisk have wanted to start their own promotion business for many years. They have both been very involved in bringing concerts to their churches in the past.

"He and I have always talked about it and thought what if we could do this. We really didn't think financially that we could do it but God is bigger than we are. He opened that door and we just took a leap and said let's try this," Sisk said.

The company's first concert is in August when Christian recording artist Michael English will come to The Foundation at Isothermal Community College. English is a multiple Dove and Grammy award winner and the lead singer of the Gaither Vocal Band.

"We are starting with Michael English who we believe is one of the most amazing vocalists that has ever been in southern gospel music or any music for that matter," Keeter said. "The way he presents a song makes you feel like you are almost there in the moment with him."

Sisk said they chose to use The Foundation as the concert venue because it is a beautiful, local facility. He said it is conveniently located near hotels and restaurants, which is good for people from out of town that attend the concert. He said the $20 price for the ticket was also carefully considered.

"Probably one of the biggest things we looked at when discussing ticket prices was affordability. We are in Rutherford County and our economy isn't doing well now," Sisk said. "We think that $20 a ticket is pretty affordable. Especially since you are actually getting two artists because Matthew Holt, the piano player for the Gaither Vocal Band will also be performing with him."

Keeter and Sisk are excited about their first concert but they admit they still have a lot to learn about the promotion business. They are hoping to get more people involved and maybe partner with organizations to host other events.

But for now they are going to continue to improve upon their process and enjoy the concert in August.

"For me those three or four minutes you are singing a song, those are minutes you are doing exactly what God put us on this Earth to do, which is praise him. Music can sometimes touch people where words can't," Keeter said. "For me personally, Michael English's music and the life he has lived to this point is a lot like my own. When you can be around someone you consider a hero of yours and then work with them and are a part of something they are doing, it's overwhelming. It gives you assurance that what you're doing is what the Lord wants you to do."

For Keeter and Sisk, the ultimate goal is to be able to touch someone in the audience.

"If we don't make a penny, but if somebody gets touched and gets some help, if they can just feel better for the hour and a half they're there, I'm okay with that," Sisk said. "The reality of it is, if somebody gets a little bit closer to God, if somebody can come and forget about everything going on around them, it's worth every cent if we don't make anything."

They are hoping the company will be so successful that they can continue to bring artists to Rutherford County and beyond for years to come.

"We're starting with southern gospel music, but eventually we want to have something for people of all ages. we want to do things for all people," Sisk said. "We just want to start here and see where it takes us."

Tickets for the Michael English concert are $20. For more information and to purchase a ticket visit www.foundationshows.org or call the box office at 828-286-9990. The concert is Friday, Aug. 23 at 7 p.m. at The Foundation.