Golden Trumpets to perform in national showcase

The Golden Trumpets, a local gospel group, will travel to Mississippi to perform in a showcase and retreat for a chance to win a record contract.
Feb. 07, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Local artists will get to participate in the event of a lifetime next weekend.

The Golden Trumpets, a local gospel group, will be traveling to Jackson, MISS to participate in The Malaco Artists Retreat and Showcase on Saturday, Feb. 16.

The event is a national singing and performance competition developed to give unsigned artists an opportunity to showcase their talents, win prize money, receive a recording contract with one of the Malaco Music Group family labels and perform on a national television show.

"The showcase is a way for record executives to see us live on stage. They want to make sure we sound just as good live, as we do on the CD," said Terry Jackson, a member of The Golden Trumpets. "We are prepared to perform three songs in a 15-minute set."

The group, who currently has a CD called "The Golden Trumpets: Jesus is Coming" performs all original songs and was honored in 2010 by having it's CD named one of the top 20 gospel quartet CDs by Gloryland Gospel, an organization dedicated to spreading the good news gospel of Jesus Christ.

Members include Rev. Earl Staley, Jackson, Carl Staley, William Ferguson, Jason Staley, John H. Staley, Eric Staley, Johnny Lee Briscoe, Alan McEntyre, Tony Staley, Shaun Hayes and Todd Tanner.

"We like to sing together to uplift Jesus Christ. We also get along well. We are like a family," Jackson said.

The group will leave for the showcase on Friday, Feb. 15.

"This showcase is something that we just started and are going to be taking on the road, like an American Idol type thing. We are going to go to different cities. A lot of people can't afford to travel, so we are going to take it places." said Darrell Luster, A&R/Promotions for Malaco Music Group. "We are really looking forward to this. We can't go everywhere and there are singers in every city, town and community. Doing something like this says that we want them to come out of the woodwork and come to us. You find your next big stars this way."

The Golden Trumpets are hoping to be those stars.

"If we win, we will either get a new CD or revamp our current one," Jackson said. "But just to be able to go is exciting."

The Malaco Artists Retreat and Showcase will take place at the Stronger Hope Baptist Church located at 223 Beasley Road in Jackson, MISS.