Gala to discuss heart health

The Unity in the Community Organization will host a Heart to Heart Gala to discuss matters of the heart spiritually and physically.
Feb. 01, 2013 @ 06:25 AM

With all of the talk of love and valentines surrounding the month of February, people tend to forget that matters of the heart are not always solved with candy and flowers. Heart health is also important.

David Staley and The Unity in the Community Organization are hoping to encourage community members to take care of their hearts by hosting a Heart to Heart Gala on Saturday, Feb. 9. The event will highlight matters of the heart spiritually and physically. The gala will be held in the Cobb Family Life Center at Green Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Tryon.

"We thought that we would combine Valentine's Day with heart health since it is Heart Awareness Month," Staley, event planner, said. "We also wanted to give people something to dress up for. It is going to be a nice, elegant event."

The gala is funded by the Polk County Community Foundation. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Teresa Romzick, the medical director at Hospice of Rutherford County.

"I'm going to talk about some of the risk factors for heart disease, particularly in women. I am also going to talk about heart health through the years, particularly the adult years and then talk a little about Hospice and how we take care of people with heart disease," Romzick said. "I am also going to touch on a new syndrome called broken heart syndrome. It is really fascinating, it is kind of a stress reaction of the heart. Hopefully that topic will lead into the next speaker."

The next speaker will be Pastor Rob Roy Staley of Rutherfordton. Staley is going to talk about taking care of the heart in a spiritual way.

"We want this to be fun, formal and informative," David said.

Romzick says that this gala is a way to get people focused on the importance of keeping up with their heart health.

"It helps people put a focus on things that we don't necessarily pay attention to. Plus, February is the perfect month for heart health because it is also Valentines Day and everyone is thinking about things with the heart," Romzick said. "We need to remember that health is a life long issue and endeavor. No matter what our age, we can all do things that will improve the quality of our lives as well as the quality of our health and particarly heart health, because it is the number one killer for all."