Forest City Police Officers humbled by recognitions

Apr. 25, 2013 @ 05:32 AM

Three Forest City Police Officers were recognized at the Region C Advisory Committee Meeting on Tuesday.

Corporal Shawn Keeter was recognized for providing aid to an elderly gentleman who fell at a local restaurant and needed medical assistance. Keeter was off duty and eating at the restaurant with his family when the incident occurred.

Keeter's daughter briefly stepped outside the restaurant and came back in to inform him that the man had fallen. Keeter went outside to check on the man, look over his injuries and ask about his medical history. Keeter's wife also helped compile a list of the man's current medications for emergency staff en-route. The man was transported by EMS to the hospital for treatment.

A friend of the victim and witness to the incident advised Keeter's actions were a tremendous help to everyone involved.

This is Keeter's first time being recognized by the Region C Advisory Committee.

"That amount of recognition was more than I expected and was really nice," Keeter said. "It was for something rather simple I thought — I was just trying to help the gentleman out. Had my daughter not told me, I would not have gone outside and had my wife not helped me, I probably would not have had a lot of the information that the EMS needed when they got there."

Corporal Brad Moore and Officer Wayne Wilson, narcotics investigators with the Forest City Police Department, were also recognized for their efforts in a narcotics investigation in February. Their investigation resulted in an arrest for trafficking scheduled II narcotics and the seizure of 6.8 ounces of cocaine.

"It's an awesome feeling — getting recognized by my peers for doing a job I enjoy," Moore said.

"It was nice to be recognized. That being said, we were simply doing our job and in the right place at the right time," Wilson said.

This is both Moore's and Wilson's first time being recognized by the Region C Advisory Committee.

The Region C Criminal Justice Advisory Committee is comprised of law enforcement professionals from Rutherford, Polk, Cleveland and McDowell counties.

"The officers being recognized and their actions taken represent the high level of professionalism these officers carry while on and off duty," Forest City Police Chief Jay Jackson said. "I would like to commend each of them for their accomplishments."