Skateboarders made it to Charlotte

Didn't reach goal, but had a "hootin' heck of a journey
Apr. 02, 2014 @ 03:46 AM

The two skateboarders who rolled through Rutherford County last month gave all they had for the challenge and although they didn't meet their goal to get to Wilmington, they are not disappointed.

Sean Enders, 20, of Raleigh and Nick Shear, 19, of Durham challenged themselves to skateboard from Brevard to Wilmington in two weeks.

Their goal was to reach Wilmington by March 30 and if they did, they were planning to jump into the Atlantic Ocean with their gear.

The 367 mile trip from Brevard, where they were dropped off on March 14, ended in Charlotte a few days after being in Rutherfordton.

"There were a number of circumstances to juggle when my back became sore," Nick said Monday afternoon from Durham. "At a certain point, it became obvious I had given it my best shot." 

His back became an obstacle in continuing and when he returned home he had to receive treatment.

Sean said when they got to Charlotte, with Nick's back problem, "we knew at that point it wouldn't be safe to continue."

"There is a fairly decent chance I will finish the trip this summer," Sean said from Raleigh Monday. 

"I would definitely do it all again and skateboarding across the country will be an eventual goal," Sean said. "It is so nice to be able to soar down,see everything."

Nick agreed with Sean and would like to repeat the trip.

"There are things that I would tweak, now that I have a better perception of the challenges involved, but to me, there is nothing better than an outdoor adventure on a skateboard. It was an exciting feeling each time we crossed county lines. Living the way we did was a gulp of a type of the ultimate freedom."

Nick said he learned many lessons along the way. 

"The real lessons in life come when you are not looking for them, so always keep your eyes peeled and bring a journal," Nick said. 

"When you sign up for adventure, adventure you will get. And, it will not go as planed," Nick said.  

Nick's favorite scenery was Chimney Rock. 

"It was glorious. The town was also welcoming and vibrant which made it a major highlight of the adventure," Nick said.

"Even though me and Sean didn't make our ultimate goal of jumping into the ocean with our backpacks on, we both discovered and faced numerous trials and challenges that come with the skate-trekking terrain. That was the hope for the excursion, and I am content with that."

Nick said they were not disappointed because they intended to focus on the journey and not the destination.

"And we sure did have one hootin' heck of a journey," Nick added.

The skaters took two weeks off work to do the trip, and Sean had to be back at work in Raleigh on March 31. He works at REI in Raleigh. Nick is a self-employed woodworker.

Sean and Nick have been friends since high school and began talking about the trip across North Carolina after Sean saw on television skateboarders going across Bolivia and Peru.

An avid skateboarder since age 10, Nick said he skated regularly at the Chapel Hill Skate Park. Sean began skateboarding just three years ago.