Men in protective clothing repairing hazardous sidewalks

Mar. 31, 2013 @ 06:48 AM

Men wearing bright neon yellow masks and other protecting face gear and clothing are operating a noisy machine similar to a buffer on the sidewalks of Forest City these days. 

Precision Safe Sidewalks is under contract with the Town of Forest City to make repairs to 351 sidewalk hazards identified through a recent survey.

Specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act were used in the survey to determine the condition of the sidewalks and the report was presented to Town Council earlier this month. 

The town is spending up to $31,123 to repair the hazards on Main Street that also includes 97 linear feet of curb hazards at points of egress. Powell Bill funds will pay for the repair proejct.

The work has been ongoing for the past days and is expected to be completed next week.

According to the survey, there is 0.74 estimated curbside sidewalk miles along Main Street from South Broadway to Church Street with 234 hazards. 

Along the same stretch there is an estimated 0.53 sidewalk miles and 117 average total hazards. 

In the status report, the town takes all the responsibility for the repair and maintenance of all the sidewalks, with the few exceptions where there is documentation existing that the building-side portion of the sidewalk belongs to the property owner, City Manager John Condrey said recently.

In the past, the town took responsibility of one-half of the sidewalk toward the street and the business owner took care of the sidewalk half way to the respective business.

The sidewalk problems were created by the root growth of trees planted in town.

The company estimated a savings to the town for repairing the sidewalks will be $115,715.