Forget your toys, we got trash

Third grade students at Thomas Jefferson Grammar School participate in a recycling party.
Mar. 29, 2013 @ 06:11 AM

"Not all games and toys you play with have to be bought. You can recycle stuff and play all day," Tiffany Jones told her third grade class on Thursday as they cheered on their classmates in recycle bowling using empty two liter bottles.

Jones, third grade teacher at Thomas Jefferson Grammar School, held a recycle party for her class to celebrate the end of their recycling and ecology unit.

"This has been a very engaging unit for them. They can take the ideas we have been learning and use them in their own lives," Jones said.

As part of the party, the students made their own recycling and conservation posters and pine cone bird feeders. They also repurposed old crayon pieces by melting them down and creating new shapes.

"We've learned that recycling is good for the Earth. If we didn't recycle, the world would just be a big landfill," said student Tucker McIntyre. "No structural areas can be on decomposing trash."

The class also enjoyed snacks modeled after the "The Lorax," a book by Dr. Seuss and competed in a recycling relay race.