Water extension project being studied

Sep. 18, 2013 @ 05:11 AM

A survey of households that could be potential water customers along Hawthorne Lane will be conducted by Forest City town officials. The survey could determine the possibility of running water lines outside the city limits to the area behind Isothermal Community College.

Meeting Monday night, Forest City Town Council learned the owner of a trailer park on Hawthorne Lane has already signed up for atap to run water to his mobile homes.

City Manager John Condrey said the town received an email in early September regarding the possibility of extending the city water system down the street because of negative water test results from the wells that supply the mobile homes.

Condrey also sent an email to County Manager Carl Classen to see if the county would like to participate in the project.

As of Monday night, Condrey had not received notification from Classen.

The project is estimated to cost $82,145 if done with outside contractors, but Condrey said in-house labor would cost about $31,500.

The town has $200,000 budgeted for waterline extensions and repair, he said.

Commissioner Shawn Moore said before the project is approved, "it would be in the town's best interest to get others" signed up for water.

Moore and Commissioner Dee Dee Bright said they believe there is information that states the town will not run waterlines outside city limits unless it could recoup its investment within 10 years.

The Hawthorne Lane project would not pay for itself in 10 years.

Condrey said after the survey is completed, the matter will be brought back to the  town board for further consideration.

Also Monday night, council decided to join NC 811, which means contractors who come into the city to install water lines, underground electric lines or sewer lines, will have to contact 811 to say they are going to be digging in the area. After the call 911 will notify the town identifying the upcoming digging work.