Snow caused at least six missed school days

Staffs busy arranging calendars
Feb. 26, 2014 @ 04:41 AM

Staff from Rutherford County Schools (RCS), Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy  (TJCA) and Lake Lure Classical Academy (LLCA) are making changes to their respective 2013-14 school calendars due to the snow.

Days were missed for RCS Jan. 29-31 and Feb. 12-14.

TJCA didn't miss as many days as RCS but they are working to make up four days. Headmaster Joe Maimone said the didn't miss as much because of fewer buses on secondary roads.

TJCA and RCS are awaiting word from state's Department of Public Instruction regarding the number of days the schools will have to make up because of snow.

Dr. Janet Mason, superintendent of RCS said her staff is working on the makeup schedule.

 "We are looking at something a little bit different from our plans in the past,"Mason said.

The staff is continuing to develop its make up schedule.calendar schedule.

The law says schools must end on Friday the closest to June 11, which would be June 13.

Maimone said students have already made up two of the four days missed.

They used Feb. 17 and will use March 7 as make-up days.

"We were considering how to make up the other two in early June," he said.

Their last scheduled day is June 5.

"We may not have to make up the last two if instructional hours are approved, meeting the state requirement," Maimone said. 

LLCA has completed its new schedule and is extending the school year from June 5 to June 9.

Feb. 17 has been used as one make up day. Other make up days are March 17, April 28, June 4, June 5, June 6 and June 9. 

The school year was scheduled to end on June 4 with one-half day, but that day is now a full day. June 5 and June 6 are also full days.

LLCA students will return on Monday June 9 for one half day and the annual awards program.