Ellenboro meets the wild west

Second grade students at Ellenboro Elementary School participate in Cowboy Day.
Nov. 18, 2012 @ 06:00 AM

ELLENBORO — Second grade students at Ellenboro Elementary School got the chance to experience life wild west style on Friday.

Stick horse races and cowboy cooking were just part of the fun and educational day activities that the students participated in on Cowboy Day. 

"We just finished the Wild Wild West unit for the Common Core state standards. In order to celebrate, we thought that we would have a day full of old, antique things," said Tammy Randall, second grade teacher. "It was a six week unit and they have been learning about all of the famous cowboys. They have had a ball today and the weather has been beautiful."

Members of the East Rutherford Future Farmers of America were also at the school to speak about farming equipment that was used during the western era. Bryson Smith, president of the FFA, also demonstrated how to use a apple cider mill.

"This gives them an education on what people did in the past and how they lived. Life is a lot different for these kids then it was back in those days," Smith said.

The antique farm equipment included a mule plow, a sling blade, hand saws, pitch forks and post hole diggers.

Wade and Jason Hollifield also gave demonstrations on how people cooked in the wild west.

At the end of the day, East student Preston Philbeck broke out his banjo and the students showed off some square dancing that they learned during physical education class.