Hands on Africa

A local elementary school class is doing their part to help children in Kenya.
Apr. 28, 2013 @ 07:34 AM

A local elementary school class is doing their part to help children in Kenya.

Rhonda Hollifield's second grade class at Ellenboro Elementary is collecting items for Hands on Africa, a mission group that provides basic needs for orphans and widows.

"Through Common Core, every second grade is studying a different country. My class decided to do Kenya and while researching the country more we found out that it's full of orphans," Hollifield said. "The class asked me if we could do something to help."

Hollifield was touched by the idea and contacted a local family who frequently goes on mission trips to Kenya. Through them, she found the Hands on Africa organization. The class is collecting small blankets, individually wrapped candy and used ball gloves to send to the children.

"We would love to get a lot of ball gloves because that's their recreation. They don't have computers, iPads and video games like we do. Many times they make their own toys," Hollifield said. "A missionary came to speak to the class and they told us that candy is such a treat for the children, they always want to share it. So if you give them a piece of hard candy, they will break it up into pieces to take home and share with their siblings."

The class has also been learning as much as they can about Kenya. They have made their own tribal necklaces and learned an African dance. Andre Delport, the founder of Hands on Africa, also came to speak to the class about the organization.

"I'm excited because I'm happy that the children get the things they need," said second grade student Cailyn Spratt.

Hollifled said that several of her students have been using their allowance money to buy items to donate.

"Anytime they have the desire in their heart to help, that's a good thing," Hollifield said.

If anyone wants to donate some items to the class, they can call Ellenboro Elementary School at 828-453-0231. They will be collecting items through the month of May.