Champion top fundraiser for Jump Rope for Heart

May. 16, 2013 @ 06:21 AM

For several years Ellenboro Elementary school has been doing its part to combat cardiovascular diseases and stoke by participating in Jump Rope for Heart. But one student has gone above and beyond.

Kaitlyn Champion, fifth grade student, has been the top Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser for six years.

“I like to raise money because my dad and aunt have heart disease. My dad had a heart attack when I was one or two. I ask my family and people at my church for donations,” Champion said. “It feels good to have the money go to that and help kids that have it.”

Jump Rope for Heart is a campaign sponsored by the American Heart Association. The physical education classes participated in jump rope related activities, while collecting money. Champion raised over $100 for the campaign every year. This year she raised $179.85. 

On Wednesday, she was presented with a medal and a letter from the American Heart Association for her accomplishment.

Champion said she would like to continue to raise money for the cause when she moves on to East Rutherford Middle School next year.

Altogether, the students at Ellenboro collected $3,006.42 to donate.

“I’m very proud of my students. This is a special need for us because we have a lot of people with heart problems within the school. They are dear to our hearts,” said Libby Fowler, physical education teacher at Ellenboro Elementary.