Ellenboro holds math night

Mar. 12, 2014 @ 04:11 AM

Math has changed for students with the recent introduction of Common Core State Standards and the new curriculum has many parents asking how they can help their children with homework.

Ellenboro Elementary School set out to help educate parents during a math night Monday.

Instructional Coach Sherry Wellmon talked about the changes in math and gave parents examples of why math has gone through the changes.

“Change is hard but I promise you when you see your students doing math this way, you’ll be impressed,” Wellmon said. “It’s hard but I think it’s worthwhile and I think you will be glad your students are doing this.”

Wellmon talked about the new math tests and why the process of finding the correct answer is as important as the answer itself.

“We want to give students multiple strategies to solve the problems,” Wellmon said. “We have seen that students who graduate from high school need to be able to solve things in different ways.”

Wellmon explained the process by saying “It does no good to know how to count to 100 if they don’t know what 100 is.”

She said the new math curriculum asks students to understand why they are doing the process instead of just memorizing the steps to solving problems.

“The basics of the math are the same but the focus has moved from doing math to understanding math. The level of understanding we are asking them to do with it has changed,” Wellmon said. “This means the students can explain the concept with mathematical reasoning.”

The school also unveiled its Common Core Parent Resources website. The site was put together by the school’s instructional support team and will eventually include resources for math, English, language arts, science and social studies. The site includes links to access examples of the lessons and problems that the students are working on in the classroom.

“Short of giving them a textbook, this is everything we can give parents to help their students,” Tammie Ash, assistant principal at Ellenboro said. “We have parents that want to know how to help their child with math and we had a great turn out tonight.”

To access the parent resources site visit http://ees.rcsnc.org.