ICC interviews final candidate

Feb. 28, 2013 @ 06:32 AM

The vice president of instruction at Edgecombe Community College was the sixth and final candidate to interview for the president position at Isothermal Community College Wednesday.

Dr. Kristi Snuggs met with faculty and staff during a meet and greet at the Foundation.

Snuggs, who spent four years as an educational consultant on early childhood, teacher education and public service technologies with the North Carolina Community College System office, said the classroom was where she always wanted to be.

"When I was teaching, I was hooked," Snuggs said. "I know that was what I was meant to do."

Snuggs earned her first full-time teaching jobs at Montgomery Community College in 1994. She became the head of the Early Childhood Education program and director of the Child Development Center.

"I've been at a community college ever since and I have loved it," Snuggs said.

Even while being an administrator at Edgecombe Snuggs said she still teaches part-time.

She talked about developing a relationship with the community as being a top priority at any location.

"I am very committed to the communities that I've lived in," Snuggs said. "That's where we live and where we can make a difference."

During a brief question-and-answer period, Snuggs was asked about helping with the economic development in Rutherford County. She said that the community college should be among one of the first steps in the process of developing an area economically.

"We have to be at the table and we have to be there to help with training before an industry even comes in," Snuggs said.

She added that a community has to rely on the assets it already possesses and the college has to help meet needs immediately.

Snuggs was also asked about her vision for ICC. She said her vision was one of hope.

"I would want to build on the success of ICC," Snuggs said.

She said that the college has to learn to do things differently from what it was doing in the past and create communication, not just inside the college but also in the community.

"We have such potential and when you put that potential together, you get great synergy," Snuggs said.

Snuggs received a bachelor's and master's degree from Appalachian State and a doctorate in educational leadership from East Carolina University.

Now, the search committee will now compile information on all six finalists and make a final recommendation to the Board of Trustees. There is no timeline as to when a final decision will be made.