A Trojan comes home

Kevin Bradley is the new assistant principal at Chase High School.
Jul. 20, 2013 @ 05:08 AM

Kevin Bradley is a Trojan again.

Bradley, former Career Technical Education (CTE) director with Rutherford County Schools, is now the assistant principal at Chase High School. He is replacing Tim Torvinen who is now the principal at the Rutherford Opportunity Center.

"One of the biggest differences with this job is that I'm not going to be specifically in support of CTE curriculum anymore. At this point, I'll now be working with all of the Common Core throughout the high school. I'm going to have to broaden my knowledge base in this job," Bradley said. "I love CTE. My heart was always agriculture and CTE but I've also had a passion for leadership and I've had a draw back to school administration."

Bradley has a long history with Chase. He is a graduate of the school and his father, Chivous, taught agriculture there for 34 years. After graduating from Chase, Bradley went to N.C. State where he majored in agricultural education.

"In college my initial thoughts were either mathematics or design. Once I got to N.C. State and was still involved with the FFA, I went ahead and declared a major of agricultural education," Bradley said. "When I got into it and the animal science classes, I was hooked and knew that education was my calling."

Once he graduated from college, his father was retiring and Bradley took over as an agriculture teacher at Chase in July of 2001. He taught there for nine-and-a-half years and became certified to be an administrator before accepting the CTE director position in February 2010.

"The biggest thing I'm going to miss about being the director is the CTE teachers from East and Central, because CTE truly is a family within a greater family of Rutherford County Schools," Bradley said. "Since I'm in a high school I'm still going to get to fill my love of CTE with the teachers here."

Bradley said the interaction he will get with the students is what he is most looking forward to about his new position.

"I feel like at the district office what we do is definitely student centered. That's the focus of everything we did there, students are the root of it all. But we didn't get to see them as much," Bradley said. "The biggest difference is going to be that day-to-day interaction, which is something I've missed a lot."

Bradley is looking forward to the first day of school.

"I think I'm going to be excited. It will be that kind of nervous excitement you get right before a competition or right before a first date," Bradley said.