R-S Central celebrates graduation

Jun. 09, 2013 @ 07:50 AM

RUTHERFORDTON— "This is only the beginning of something that should inspire us to stand up and be noticed. The beginning of something that leads into a new world of opportunities. The beginning of a moment when we move toward making a difference in our world," Christian Godlock, senior class president, told fellow graduates during the R-S Central High School Commencement ceremony on Saturday. 

The 206 members of the Class of 2013 gathered in the Hilltopper Stadium to celebrate the occasion. 

In her opening speech, senior class member Brittany Putnam compared her life and the lives of her fellow classmates to a roller coaster.

"If we think about it, roller coasters are a lot like our lives. They have their highs and lows, scares and joys, beginnings and ends. This graduation is only the beginning of our roller coaster. We have just finished that slow crawl to the top of the first hill and now, here we are, looking out to the course that lies before us," Putnam said. "So as we embark on the roller coaster of life, make your course the best it can be. The Class of 2013 will change the world, because we are driven, smart, altruistic, dedicated, funny and ready to conquer anything. So fasten your seat belts, Class of 2013, this commencement ceremony is only the beginning." 

Diplomas were presented by principal Phil Rogers and assistant principals Charlotte Baynard and Jeremiah McCluney. 

In his closing remarks Dustin Atchley, student body president, urged his classmates to treasure this special moment. 

"My friends we are about to embark on the greatest of journeys, and it is different for each of us. However, as we depart, we have this one final memory together, the last piece of the puzzle of what has become our legacy," Atchley said. "This moment is ours and nobody can take it. Hold on to it, cherish it, but don't hesitate because our potential is far too great." 

He then challenged the graduates to live the dream. 

"So go, live that dream, be amazing and special and everything you can be, because anything less would be an injustice. Living the dream is not just a saying or a nice though, it is a way of life. I challenge you to live the dream because when you allow yourself to do that, limitations become irrelevant because there is nothing you can't overcome," Atchley said. "Be the group that changes the world. Class of 2013, we are now living the dream and we will succeed." 

After the ceremony, graduates and their families enjoyed a fireworks display.