Welcome to the wild west

Second grade students at Forrest Hunt Elementary School out together a wax museum.
Nov. 24, 2013 @ 06:50 AM

Parents found themselves among plenty of famous cowboys at Forrest Hunt Elementary School on Friday as the second grade classes welcomed them to the wild west for a special wax museum. 

The students put on their western gear and recited facts about people such as Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, Bill Pickett and Buffalo Bill. They have been studying the west for the past six weeks in their Common Core language arts curriculum. 

"They've learned about ranch life, cattle drives, jobs that cowboys had and the specific characters," second grade teacher Chelsey Cole said. "This has been the student's favorite unit so far." 

This is the first time Forrest Hunt has held a wax museum. According to Cole, they 

got the idea from Ellenboro Elementary School and collaborated with other second grade teachers throughout the county to put it together.

Student Gracie Edwards dressed up and told parents facts about Annie Oakley. 

"I liked learning about Annie Oakley," Edwards said. "She was a great shooter." 

The students practiced their lines for two weeks before the big day. 

"I like learning everything," said student Otto Waters who played the part of Buffalo Bill. "I can learn about people's past." 

The teachers plan to have another wax museum next year. 

"This is a way we can access what they've learned because they have to share facts," said second grade teacher Jennifer Davis.