ERHS collects over 8,000 cans for charity

Dec. 23, 2012 @ 09:01 AM


East Rutherford High School donated over 8,000 cans to needy families this Christmas.

The school held a canned good drive throughout the month of December. Students collected cans in a variety of ways including asking for donations and reverse Christmas caroling.

"We put out flyers letting everyone know what we were going to do and then different clubs went out reverse Christmas caroling. The people could either leave a bags of cans out for us on their porch, or we would sing carols badly and not leave until they gave us cans," said Sarah McKinney, McNair program director. "Teachers also gave incentives in their classrooms for students that brought in cans."

The school set a goal to raise 7,500 cans and because the students exceeded that goal, they celebrated on Friday with milk and cookies.

"The goal was to have a pancake breakfast, but the students didn't reach their goal until it was too late to order all of that stuff, so we went with milk and cookies," McKinney said. "Food Lion in Forest City and Chad McFarland has been awesome. We bought 20 gallons of milk and he gave us 20 for free."

Another part of the celebration faculty versus student basketball game. In order to attend, the students had to pay with three cans or $1.50.

"We do this not for the basketball game or to get our of class. We do this to help people in our community," said Brad Teague, principal. "The fact that the students brought in this many cans is just awesome. We have just a little over 800 students here so that is about 10 cans per student. As hard as our county has been hit and with the economy, that is just great."

As another incentive for the students meeting their goal Teague, Assistant Principal Brandon Hill, Resource Officer Howard Gordon and Graduation Coach Giorgio Lowrance all got pies in the face.

The cans were donated to the Salvation Army and to the Backpack program.