Ready for some fun?

Sep. 25, 2013 @ 04:54 AM

Communities in Schools of Rutherford County is working to bring the fun back to local schools with their new program Operation Fun: Putting the Fun into the Fundamentals of Learning.

“It’s a new program that we are rolling out this year that encompasses activities that have an element of fun in the learning process,” said Brenda Watson, executive director of CISRC. “But its also a way to engage parents.”

Watson and the CISRC board are still in the planning stages, but they have several programs that they are hoping on implement this school year to add the element of fun.

Programs that will be implemented will include “Real Men Read,” where male community members go into the schools to read with male students and “Catch a Comet,” where students will star gaze and study constellations in the evening. Duke Energy Endowment has also given CISRC a grant and will be sponsoring a “Are You Brighter Than a 5th Grader,” event.

“We will be asking prominent people in the community to be on the team against the 5th graders. We might be asking some county commissioners, industry leaders and faith-based leaders to put them up against the students,” Watson said. “They will be learning at the same time, but it will also be fun.”

CISRC is also planning to work with Food Lion to continue holding math nights for parents and students and with Elmer’s Glue for a new recycling program called “Stick Together to Make Treasure.”

“Elmer’s Glue has a recycling program for glue sticks and bottles. We are going to supply boxes to each of the elementary schools that they can have the classes decorate and put at the end of the hall and then put their glue sticks and bottles in there,” Watson said. “Elmer’s pays two cents per glue container and the money would be split equally between the school and Communities in Schools. We would have a contest for the best decorated box in the school.”

Each of the programs will be facilitated by a different CISRC board member.

“I think our lives are too wrapped up in all the day-to-day activities that go on, we just don’t have time to have fun anymore,” Watson said. “What we need is just an element of fun, and we definitely need the parents to be engaged in their children’s education. This is a way to do both of those things.”