No rain delay for East Class of 2013

Jun. 11, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

The 145 members of the East Rutherford High School Class of 2013 weathered the storm during their commencement ceremony on Sunday.

The rainy weather may have dampened their clothes but it couldn’t dampen the spirits, as the class elected to hold the commencement outside in the Brian Harrill Stadium despite a forecast of rain.

Amie Sessoms, vice president of the senior class, opened the ceremony with her speech based around the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” from the movie Toy Story.

“I’m sure the majority of us is familiar with the lyrics, ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ from the beloved Disney classic Toy Story. Andy, the young boy from the movie, has a collection of toys that are not only his playmates but also serve as his life long friends. Although this oddball collection of toys may come from different backgrounds, they encompass the qualities of a true family, proving time and time again that they can always find a friend in one another and that Andy can always count on their friendship,” Sessoms said. “Ironically this is exactly how I view the Class of 2013, one graduating class of oddballs. If you think about our class, we may each be either goofy, spontaneous, withdrawn, athletic or studious but through every rival game against Central, every strenuous final exam and every personal hardship, we come together as a family. Whether our friendships began in kindergarten, in the sixth grade when we were all together for the first time or recently in high school, the bonds that we have forged as East High Cavaliers will never be broken.”

Meredith Mason talked to classmates about the biggest lesson she had learned from her four years in high school and related it to the movie “The Breakfast Club.”

“What is remarkable about the Class of 2013 is that we are unforgettable. While we all have our own unique circle of friends, this class has learned the valuable lesson taught to us through The Breakfast Club.

“As the members of the breakfast club bonded during detention, we have bonded over the last four years we have spent together. We are molded by the unique people we have grown up around and spent the last four years with and have become the young men and women that comprise the East Rutherford High School graduating Class of 2013. Class of 2013, family and friends, I urge us all to keep this same motto throughout our lives beyond this point and to embrace it,” Mason said. “By surrounding ourselves with different people, we can not only form some of the best connections and relationships possible, but we can become the people we desire to be and the game changers of our own society.”

Keeping with the movie theme, in her closing speech student speaker Kelsey Fletcher talked to graduates about lessons they can learn from The Lion King.

“Just like Simba, there have been times when we have all assumed that the simplest solution to all of our problems was to just run away and start over. However as someone once said ‘There are always two choices. Two paths to take. One is easy. And its only reward is that it’s easy.’ By choosing to face our obstacles instead of run in the other direction, by staying in the game instead of calling it quits, we, like Simba, have been able to emerge victorious,” Fletcher said. “On this night, as we celebrate with our peers, teachers, families and friends, take a moment to realize what we did. Class of 2013, we have breached our Pride Rock. Now as we stand here, at the peak of our lives up to this point, we can look forward and realize that the possibilities are limitless. All that lies before us is horizon, waiting for us to take the leap of faith and reach our dreams.”

Teague and Superintendent Janet Mason presented the diplomas. About midway through the presentations, the rain began. With the proclamation of the Class of 2013, the graduates threw their hats and started running to escape the rain.