68 Graduate from ROC

Dalton delivers commencement speech
Jun. 08, 2013 @ 11:57 AM

The 68 members of the Rutherford Opportunity Center (ROC) Class of 2013 graduated on Friday evening in a commencement ceremony held at The Foundation Performing Arts and Conference Center at Isothermal Community College (ICC). 

Larry King, principal, began the ceremony by recognizing the faculty and staff of the ROC and school board members that were present. He then introduced Walter Dalton, president of ICC, who gave the commencement address. 

"The need for a guide is so crucial, especially in today's society where we see so many things that make us think people have a lack of direction and that there is a lack of a sincere road map for young people. It is our effort at the ROC, an alternative school, to provide support and a safety net. It is another opportunity in many situations," King said. "To be honored by one of our own Rutherford County residents is an excellent way to express the success that these young people could have as they go on to the rest of their lives." 

Before he gave his address, Dalton asked the Class of 2013 to honor King, who is retiring this year, for everything he has done for them. The graduates provided him with a standing ovation.

In his commencement address, Dalton urged graduates to make the most out of every opportunity that they come across in the future. 

"As I look out into the audience, I see a lot of smiling faces. I'm proud of you. This is an exciting and special night as we honor you for your accomplishments. You know and I know that your path hasn't been easy. There have been obstacles but you have conquered those and put them behind you," Dalton said. "If you keep in the right direction and keep trying to improve, you will be successful. As you leave the ROC, look for opportunities out there. Challenge yourself, set positive goals and always move in the right direction. If you do that, you will continue to make us proud." 

After Dalton's speech, diplomas were presented to the graduates by King and Guidance Counselor Denise Humphries. 

The Outstanding Senior Award was presented to student Spencer Lane and the Teacher's Choice Award went to Kevondra Moore.