More visitors in Chimney Rock State Park

Feb. 17, 2013 @ 05:17 AM

Chimney Rock State Park is among the state parks attracting more visitors last year in North Carolina, according to reports from the North Carolina Division of Tourism.

The number of visitor increased by 36 percent in CRSP due to improvements in access facilities, reported NCNewsLink.

“Guests had been waiting for the completion of the stairs along the Outcroppings trail and the modernization of the elevator to make their trip to the mountain,” said Mary Jaeger-Gale, general manager. "Since these improved features reopened last summer, attendance has continued to increase.  Folks are impressed by what the State has done and are helping to spread the good news about Chimney Rock.”

In its announcement, the N.C Division of Parks and Recreation reported visitation at the state parks and state recreation areas continued at a record level last year with 14.2 million visits, matching attendance levels set in 2009 and 2011. 

Among 41 state parks and state recreation areas, 18 reported an increase in attendance in 2012.

During the past 25 years the state parks system has seen a dramatic 87 percent increase in visitation, reported the division of tourism.

In 1987, 7.6 million people visited state parks and state recreation areas. In addition to CRSP other state parks that reported higher attendance last year due to improvements and new amenities to visitors were Gorges State Park. The park has a new 7,100-square-foot visitor center and related facilities that helped increase attendance by 22 percent.