Village Council learns it can call for vote on alcohol sales

Nov. 16, 2012 @ 06:10 AM

CHIMNEY ROCK — The legalities of Chimney Rock Village calling for a referendum on the sale of alcohol in the village was confirmed during the regular board meeting Tuesday night.

A bill that was passed by the NC House of Representatives in 1995, gives the Village Council permission to call for a vote on the issue if enough signatures are on the formal petition by a specific date, reported Village Attorney John Crotts. 

Although there has been an election among the Village's registered voters on three other occasions, and the vote failed, the board will decide whether to proceed with the fourth attempt to be allowed to sell alcohol in the Village.

"This is something that has been batted around by people in town," Town Clerk Bill Whitman said.

Also Tuesday, Whitman presented an update on a "Pathway Connecting Chimney Rock to Lake Lure" a concept that has been written and presented to the two towns.

"This is just a concept. It's a start," Whitman said. "We've got a long way to go on this and we'll be talking about this for a long time."

Also Tuesday night, Council reaffirmed its desire that the Broad River, that runs through the Village, could be included in the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission delayed-harvest regulations on the trout waters.

A total 29 trout waters in 16 western North Carolina, not including Rutherford, implemented the delayed-harvest regulations on Oct. 1, reported the commission. 

The Broad River trout water is a hatcherty-supported river. 

Mayor Barbara Meliski said during Tuesday's meeting she wants to confirm the Village's desire to proceed with the regulations when and if possible, with the wildlife commission.

Under delayed-harvest regulations, no trout can be harvested or possessed from the specified waters between Oct. 1 and one half-hour after sunset on May 31, 2013. No natural bait is allowed, and anglers can fish only with single-hook, artificial lures. An artificial lure is defined as a fishing lure that neither contains nor has been treated with any substance that attracts fish by the sense of taste or smell.

Village Council also received its audit report and depending on any timely issues,  will decide whether to cancel its December meeting.