Officers: Drivers, slow down, watch your speed

May. 02, 2013 @ 05:12 AM

Local and state law enforcement officers continue to receive calls from Bostic residents concerning extra traffic and drivers speeding on Bostic Sunshine Highway due to the closure of the Cherry Mountain Street bridge.

According to North Carolina State Highway Patrol Sergeant Kevin Owens, a lot of drivers who used to take Cherry Mountain Street to access East Rutherford Middle School from Forest City are now having to detour onto Bostic Sunshine Highway.

“Drivers coming down Bostic Sunshine and into the town of Bostic are not realizing the speed limit change of 35 miles per hour,” Owens said. “We’ve had a lot of complaints in that area from residents about excessive speed of the cars coming into town. We’ve also started receiving complaints of speeding on Martin Street, which runs directly in front of East Rutherford Middle School.”

Due to the increase in complaints, the Highway Patrol is assigning additional officers to patrol the area in the mornings and afternoons, primarily during school rush hours.

“We want to give people a heads up and let them know that we will be out there enforcing and adding extra patrols,” Owens said. “We’re hoping our increased presence will help slow people down and remind them to watch their speed and be more cautious.”