Donations arriving at Paws Ranch

Another rainfall Sunday adds to muddy mess
Dec. 31, 2013 @ 05:14 AM

Volunteers returned to Paws Ranch Equine Rescue in Bostic for the second consecutive Monday to distribute hay across muddy barn yards.

Last Monday morning volunteers arrived to help clean up the mess left after thieves broke into the property. The thieves let the horses out of the barn creating a flooding problem at the barn and throughout the barn yards. The horses stomped on a drain that caused flooding inside the barn and across the pastures.

Some of the hay came from neighbor Larry Bailey. Ranch owner Delores Hanser said when the EF4 Tornado hit Ellenboro in Jan. 2011 Bailey lost his hay when the winds destroyed his barn.

"We were able to help him then and he's returning the favor," Hanser said.

Bailey is also planning to reseed the pasture at the ranch caused due to excessive rain.

Sunday's rainfall created more havoc, but Hanser was optimistic and grateful for the help in cleaning up the mess.

When thieves broke in last Sunday night they stole more than $12,000 in saddles, bridles, bits and other riding equipment, shutting down the operations at the rescue ranch.

At-risk students and others utilize the ranch for community service but without the equipment the riding came to a halt.

Since the robbery monetary donations amounting to $4,750 have been given to the nonprofit group. An Atlanta, Ga. patron offered to match all donations up to $6,000.

During the past week several saddles were donated.

"There are a lot of wonderful people around," Hanser said.

She traveled to Waynesville on Sunday to pick up two donated saddles.

"We're almost there," Hanser said of the saddle replacements. Hanser hopes to receive bits and river rock for the driveway and barnyards. 

"With all this rain we are really torn up and we need some river rock. But we're holding our own, she said. 

To donate or find out how to get involved visit Paws Ranch website at: or visit them on Facebook.

Monetary donations can be made to BB&T Paws Ranch Equine Rescue acct. or sent to PRERI PO Box 338 Bostic, NC. 

In-kind donations for tack, feed or hay can be dropped off at Paws Ranch Equine Rescue at 330 Walls Church Road in Bostic or by calling 800-580-6504 or 828-447-5899.