Saddles, riding equipment stolen from rescue ranch

Dec. 25, 2013 @ 05:08 AM

An equine rescue ranch was burglarized Sunday night the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department is looking for any clues in finding the person or persons responsible.

Paws Ranch Equine Rescue located off Walls Church Road, was robbed after 10 p.m. Sunday and according to reports thieves took more than $12,000 in saddles, bridles, tack and grooming tools.

Paws Ranch Director Delores Hanser and several volunteers were were still cleaning the ranch and pastures on Tuesday afternoon.

About four inches of rain fell on the ranch Sunday and when the burglars left the area that night, they left the gate open and that put about 30 horses in the front pasture.

“So running around in the front in all the mud, they (horses)plugged one of the drains and that flooded the inside of the barn,” Hanser said.

Much of the hay got wet and what didn’t is being stored in a neighbor’s barn.

“There are only two older saddles that are left and they have been ridden hard,” she said.

All the tack and English saddles are gone.

There are about 45 volunteers that work with Hanser and some youth do community service, school projects.At-risk youth come to the farm and ride for therapy.

The rehabilitation program for the horses and the therapy and projects for the students will have to be put on hold until there are saddles and other equipment donated. 

Paws Ranch is a nonprofit organization with a mission to rescue and rehabilitate horses.

The group is dedicated to promote the humane treatment of horses and mules through legislation, education, investigation and intervention.

The group works with local veterinarians, law enforcement and humane societies to ensure the proper rehabilitation needs for each animal received at our farm.

The group is totally dependent on private donations to support the rehabilitation of the animals that come to the ranch as well as the dedication of the community volunteers to provide the best quality of life for the rescued equine friends.

On the Paws Ranch Facebook page Hanser said, “Well went out to the barn this morning horses fed and well, found more items missing two more horses clippers we use for grooming and one riding vest.”

Anyone with information about the break-in and larceny or if anyone has seen an unusual large number of bridles or saddles, call the TIPS line at 286-8477 with information.

To donate items or to volunteer at the ranch,call 447-5899 or visit the website or facebook page. 



Donate saddles, tack, hay. In Kind donations are much appreciated. Call 800-580-6504 and then press O.