Ruth, Bostic officials review 2013

Ruth says goodbye to Goode; Bostic builds outdoor stage
Dec. 27, 2013 @ 04:38 AM

The Town of  Ruth closes 2013 with reflection on some low and high notes, said Town Clerk Amy Goode-Hanaway. The year began for Town Council with the loss of veteran commissioner Jim Goode who died in January.

Goode served on Town Council since 1978 along with veteran commissioners Don Baynard and Mike Ellenburg. 

Chris Atkins was sworn-in as a commissioner in February.

Last month Atkins, Baynard and Ellenburg were elected to continue service for the town.

The year ended with the announcement of Trelleborg's expansion.

"The Town is eager to partner with everyone involved to help advance their efforts to bring more jobs and revenue to the Town, the county and its surrounding communities," Goode-Hanaway said.

"The Ruth Town Board looks toward the new year with optimism. We are hopeful the new year will bring great things. We are happy to serve and look forward to supporting the Town in all of its efforts," she said.

<B>Outdoor stage, extending water lines

BOSTIC — The Town of Bostic extended its water lines, opened a permanent outdoor stage in town and continue to detour around Cherry Mountain Street due to bridge construction over the CSX railroad.

The permanent outdoor stage was officially opened in April as Mayor Mitch Harrill cut the ribbon at the conclusion of the regular town business meeting.

The inaugural event at the stage was held Saturday, April 20 and it was the main focus of entertainment for the Bostic Lincoln Spring Festival. 

The day's entertainment on stage concluded with the production of "Nancy Hanks, Bondswoman" presented by the Rutherford Community Theatre.  The play was produced by the theatre's artistic director, Les Beale from the 1939 edition of "American Folk Plays." 

Folks returned to the stage in December for the annual Bostic Christmas events. 

A new bridge remains under construction over CSX Railroad and Cherry Mountain Street between Forest City and Bostic. The road will remain closed until April 2014.

Also in Bostic, new water lines were extended from Pea Ridge Road to Roberson Creek Road and along Gun Club Road.

The town also purchased property at 129 North Main Street that is expected to house a fire truck that will allow additional Bostic Lincon Center space.

All the Town's officials up for re-election ran unopposed in the 2013 election. 

Elected were Harrill, Mike Hollifield, Rodger Hall and Billy Lattimore.