Camp Wheeznot kicks off

Aug. 10, 2013 @ 05:07 AM

Camp Wheeznot is underway at South Mountain Christian Camp this weekend.

It is an annual camp for children ages 7 to 12 who have asthma. Camp includes traditional activities as well as education on the condition from physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists.

"It's a way of teaching kids who have asthma to remain active," said Patti Brown, camp coordinator and registered respiratory therapist and care practitioner at Rutherford Regional Medical Center.

This weekend is the 15th annual camp and the theme is "Weekend at the Movies," and the campers will perform skits using movie characters during a special skit night.

The camp is offered at no cost, with funding provided through gifts made to the Rutherford Regional Health Foundation.

"The point of the camp is to get kids with asthma out doing what all the other kids do," said Dr. Gary Shafer, who is going to teach the classes. "We are going to talk about medicines and what their role is. We will talk about controllers, which keep asthma under control, and rescue medicine, which is used when you have an attack."

According to Brown, 30 youth are attending the camp this year. She also has several returning campers as junior counselors.

"We make friends when we were like 6 and get to come back and see each other every year. I wish the camp lasted a week instead of a weekend," said Katie Russell, counselor. 

Brown said the best part about camp every year is the relationships the campers develop while there.