After the snow . . .

Paws Ranch preparing for spring horse adoptions
Feb. 16, 2014 @ 04:35 AM

There are times like last Wednesday and Thursday when Delores Hanser wonders if she'll ever get a break at Paws Ranch Equine Rescue.

Delores and her husband Michael Hanser along with a group of other dedicated volunteers were among those outside taking care of their animals during the latest winter storm.

With 47 horses on the property, plus chickens, dogs and cats, getting the horses enough blankets and hay was a task.

Delores moved the oversized round bales of hay for the horses with the tractor while others were getting blankets on the horses. Some of the horses prefer the outdoors so she made sure they were warm and there were plenty of shavings and hay at their disposal.

"But things are going pretty good. It's just like everybody else, we're all in the same boat," Delores said.

With the three to five inches of snow and the melting, the pastures are muddy again.

Delores said several of the 47 rescue horses are ready for adoption this spring and she is working steadily to get the others ready.

Spring is the time most people are interested in adopting horses.

"We have just taken in a few more that were in really bad shape," she said.

In addition to receiving horses from the area, region and southeast to put up for adoption, Delores and staff also keep horses for community friends who do not have enough shelters.

There are also special needs horses at the barn that require extra attention because of being abused and neglected.

With the warm up expected this week, Delores is looking forward to drier pastures.

Last winter, suspects robbed the ranch of $12,000 in saddles, bridles, tack and grooming tools. They left the barn doors open which caused extreme havoc in the pastures because of the excessive rain in December.

"We can always use donations," she said. Anyone interested in donating can visit Paws Ranch website at: or visit them on Facebook.

Monetary donations donated to BB&T Paws Ranch Equine Rescue acct. or sent to PRERI PO Box 338 Bostic, NC In-kind donations for tack, feed or hay can be dropped off at Paws Ranch Equine Rescue at 330 Walls Church Road in Bostic or 800-580-6504 or 828-447-5899.

All donations are tax deductible and the public can check out the charity on, Great- Nonprofits, Charity Navigator and or IRS Determination letter and