Debut novel hits the net

Aug. 31, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Author Scott Baughman has recently released his debut novel "Rule of Thumb (Balance of Power)" as a digital e-book for sale online. Residing in Mint Hill with his wife Meda, Baughman currently works as Media Manager at The Mecklenburg Times; with past experience including reporter for The Daily Courier.

The fast-paced science fiction mystery adventure is a work that Baughman began in 2007. The following years would offer occasional time to write more but it would not be until Christmas vacation in 2012 that Baughman would eventually finish.

"I finally told myself you must finish this book, or you never will." Baughman said. "I sat and wrote for almost two days straight and I feel that gives the climax of the book a very nice pace."

The story takes place in a not-so distant future where the main character Adrien Faulk discovers just what it means to be cut off from a globally connected network. Faulk's journey to find a lost pair of binoculars leads him from the streets of a near-future New York City to an ancient Mayan pyramid in Guatemala. During the adventure, filled with many detailed characters and plot twists, he comes to discover a prophecy about mankind's destiny among the stars as well as answers to what it means to be an individual, a hero and even human.

Baughman sights one of his biggest inspirations for the story, that of the opening of the Facebook data center in Forest City.

"That event and the movie "The Social Network" really brought home for me how much the Internet and social media in general has already changed our world." Baughman said. "And how much more it will do so in the very near future."

Drawing from many similarities that can be made of today's ever-advancing world, Baughman offers the reader a thought provoking glimpse of a future filled with endless possibilities.

"There will be a day in a few short years, not 2042 like in "Rule of Thumb", where you are almost a non-person if you're not part of "The Network" forming our overall day-to-day life." Baughman said. It is this point that makes the story highly relatable to the reader and creates an even blend between fantasy and modern reality.

"Rule of Thumb" serves as the first book in a trilogy. Baughman plans for book two, titled "Empire of Fire", to focus on mankind's halting first steps into the stars with protagonist Jason Bonadventure while book three, "Heart of Stone", will deal with the ramifications of key events set in motion by mankind's exploration of space in the second book.

With the completion of the story, Baughman turned to his wife Meda, who is an artist, for the creative conception of the book's cryptic-cool cover. The two began discussing many ideas for the final imagery. The decision was made to utilize a layout that was both visually interesting and e-book friendly.

"Her idea, of mixing the fingerprint, circuitry and Mayan artwork was a stroke of genius." Baughman said. "We've received complimentary emails regarding it from all across the country, Canada and other parts of the world."

While the book was only released a few short weeks ago, already it is generating quite the buzz.

"My friends and family have all been very supportive." Baugnman said. "As of today, I have three five-star reviews on; two are from great friends with a third from someone I don't know."

This weekend Baughman, along with wife Meda, and a group of close friends are in Atlanta GA. to promote the book at DragonCon. With custom printed T-shirts featuring the book's cover and a convenient QR code on the back the guerrilla marketing crew hope to attract even more new readers.

The process of getting to this published point has been one of great excitement and learning for Baughman.

"I really want to thank fellow Rutherford County author, Brian Rathbone, for his help on this." Baughman said. "He's been sort of my mentor on e-books throughout this whole process and I couldn't have done it without his help."

With his debut novel completed Baughman has many more stories to share with readers in the future.

For information on how to purchase a copy of "Rule of Thumb" visit Baughman's website at or click HERE.