Destined to write

Taylor-Grace Davis publishes first book.
Aug. 28, 2013 @ 04:26 AM

Taylor-Grace Davis is a published author.

Davis, a junior at East Rutherford High School, recently published her first book "Destined."

"It's very surreal because I didn't really expect anything to happen with it," Davis said. "To know my book is going to be in stores, it's a really good feeling."

The full-length novel is the first of the three-part "The Protector" series. Davis is currently working on book number two, "The Abyss."

"I can't say where the initial idea came from. It didn't hit me that maybe this could be a book, I just started writing one day," Davis said. "I sent my friend Roger Grubbs, who is the publisher, the first five chapters to ask what he thought of it. He asked if I would consider finishing it and making it a trilogy."

Once Davis agreed, she got to work this summer, writing the book over three weeks.

The novel is based around main character Taylor Scott, an 18-year old pre-med student who is studying abroad. Scott is trying to escape a failed romance when she meets 21-year-old Michael Carson.

"The first day of class Taylor doesn't have her textbook and she almost gets kicked out of class. Michael Carson gives her a textbook and saves her from embarrassment. She is intrigued by him because normally people aren't that nice," Davis said. "Then some supernatural things start to happen and she learns about her destiny as a Protector, guardian angels on Earth, and what part Michael Carson plays in that destiny."

The series follows Scott as she learns about her destiny and her battle with the evil Reavers sent by the Dark to keep her from it. The Protectors, part of the Light, are the only hope against them.

"I'm targeting young adults in high school or college. The book is a thriller and very suspenseful with a some romance. I took my time in the beginning chapters to make sure to hook the readers in," Davis said. "That's what I'm drawn to is thrillers and suspense that keep me on the edge of my seat. If thought that if I like these things, maybe I could write one."

Davis already has an idea on how she wants the trilogy to end but because of her schedule at school she doesn't know when all three of the books will be completed. She has written 25,000 words of "The Abyss."

"I'm going to try to take my time with that one and really focus on it. It's a lot darker than the first one," Davis said.

"Destined" will officially be available to purchase on Sunday, Sept. 1 on Amazon, and at Barnes and Noble. Davis will also be having a book signing and meet the author event at Mooneyham Public Library on Saturday, Sept. 7 from 10 a.m. until noon for anyone interested in getting a copy.

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