Moss has third play published

"No Man's (Aisle) Land" will be published by Big Dog Publishing.
Sep. 18, 2013 @ 05:04 AM

"It's official. I am a playwright," J. Patrick Moss said.

Moss, director of forensics and drama at Chase High School and director of forensics at East Rutherford High School, has had three out of the four plays that he has written published by Big Dog Publishing.

His first two were published in 2012 and he recently received word that his third play, "No Man's (Aisle) Land" was also going to be published.

"When I found out this third play was going to be published, I just went 'Yes!'," Moss said. "Then I saw the kids who had been in the play and they all gave me a thumbs up."

Moss began writing plays in 2010 because he wanted to give his theater students scripts that were catered to them. The Chase High School Theater Troupe performed "No Man's (Aisle) Land" for a fundraiser in May. It is a comedic play that follows the plight of a character named Lisa and her friends who go on a bridal dinner cruise with future in-laws. But the cruise ends in disaster when the women are hit by a storm and are stranded on a deserted island.

"There's the mother-in-law, which is the most hated character, the ex-girlfriend of the fiancé who is little miss perfect and the younger teenage sister who is constantly texting the guy she likes," Moss said. "Then their is Aunt Mae who raised the main character and is a rocking grandma who is out there having the most fun. And while on the island they meet Leslie and have to determine if she is a cannibal."

Moss, who was named 2013 Mildred Hussey Coach of the Year in March, said he enjoys coaching the students at both schools and he has gotten a lot of great acting out of the students who perform his plays. Right now, they are continuously practicing and trying to raise money to attend speech and debate tournaments. Both groups are holding car washes on Saturday.

"My kids need money to cover travel expenses, bus costs and tournament fees," Moss said.

His next goal is to finish writing a novel he has been working on. He says that the plays are easier to write because he knows he has a deadline for spring when his students will perform them.

"I've been working on it for the last two years. But since I don't have a deadline I've just been writing it in bits and pieces," Moss said. "The plays are easy for me to write because they are geared toward high school students, they are light-hearted comedies."

The other plays that Moss has published are "Beautiful, Crazy" a romantic comedy set in a psychiatric ward and "The Academy School for Gifted, Malevolently, Impressive, Nefariously, Awesome...Girls," a play about superheroes and villains.

Moss will write another play for the Chase High Theater Troupe to perform in the spring.

The speech and debate team car washes will be held from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturday. The Chase High team car wash will be at Zaxby's in Forest City and the East Rutherford team car wash will be at the East Quick Check.