Singing bringing Loretta Lynn story to Rutherford County

Jan. 28, 2014 @ 05:14 AM

For as long as Teri Fryar can remember she has been a Loretta Lynn fan.

"I was born and raised on Loretta Lynn and that's all I ever listened to growing up," Fryar said on the heels of her "A Tribute to Loretta Lynn" concert. The concert is at theFoundation, Isothermal Community College Saturday night.

Fryar said coming to the Foundation Saturday is especially exciting because it's the same stage where Loretta Lynn performed in September 2006. 

"It's an honor to to be performing where she did," Fryar said.

"Loretta is a great woman and so many people can go to her shows because they are family-friendly," Fryar said.

"I love her work ethic. I love who she is. I love her."

 Although she has never personally met Lynn, Fryar has been to several concerts, has all her albums, 8-track tapes, CDs, books and movies. She also has an autographed photo of Lynn. 

Fryar's husband, Steve who is her manager and agent, travels with her.  He said he will be in the audience Saturday night, "causing havoc among them," he said.

He will intermingle with the audience and will give Fryar feedback as she is telling jokes and stories about Lynn.

"I will tell the story behind all her songs," she said.

There will be skits and jokes during the concert.

'"I am not Loretta Lynn and I do not try to sound like her, I can't," Fryar said.

 She has her own brand of singing, although she does admit she sounds

 a little like Lynn when she sings, "Coal Miner's Daughter."

"Other than that song, I don't sound  much like her," she said. 

She will singing one of Lynn's greatest hits of all time, "Dear Uncle Sam" written during the Vietnam War era. 

Fryar will be joined on stage by two back-up singers and one bass guitar player. She also sings with tapes. She does not play the guitar.

Fryar and her husband Steve Fryar do 20-54 shows a year with their Carolina Concert Productions. They have performed in the Carolinas, Tennessee and Virginia.

"People need to come to the concert where they will learn about a great woman in country music," Steve said.