A seat at the king's court

New steakhouse to open in Rutherfordton
Sep. 10, 2013 @ 04:52 AM

Everyone should be treated like royalty now and then.

Beginning in October, the community will have that chance with the opening of The King's Court, a new Medieval-themed steakhouse and restaurant located on North Central Street in downtown Rutherfordton.

Scott Bland is the restaurant's owner and operator who, after spending the past 25 years as an electrical engineer, felt it was time to delve into another passion — cooking.

A Rutherfordton native, Bland attended college in Atlanta and then moved back to Rutherford County after graduation.

"I worked for a restaurant in Georgia during college and when I graduated the district manager wanted me to come work for them," Bland said, "but I wasn't interested in that at the time. Ever since then, there was that seed planted in my head and this new restaurant is my first business venture."

To help people get an idea of the royal treatment that will be provided at The King's Court, Bland shared details about the new restaurant.

What specialties will be featured on the menu?

We will specialize in steaks and also offer fish, chicken, a 14-foot salad bar and desserts. We pride ourselves on everything we make — freshly made each day. I think with what we will be offering that we'll appeal to everyone's taste.

How did you come up with the restaurant's theme and name?

Most people tend to associate a Western theme with steakhouses and I really wanted to stay away from that. The Medieval period has always been of interest to me, and several years ago I traced my ancestry back to England. My last name [Bland] originates in England and I used the Bland Coat of Arms for the restaurant's logo. The restaurant will be full of Medieval decor, and I am calling it 'The King's Court' because I want everyone to be treated like royalty.

Why did you choose to locate the restaurant in Rutherfordton?

I wanted the restaurant to be in Rutherford County because as a community, I feel we need to help one another by helping the economy through providing more business and jobs. I remember walking down Main Street as a young child and it was teeming. I want to try to bring that feeling back to the area. And there's not really anything around here that you can call a 'steakhouse.'

What is your ultimate vision for the restaurant?

We want to cater to the people of Rutherford County, from a single person who wants to dine here to a small family or large group. We also want to cater to all occasions including social gatherings, birthdays and reunions. We hope to provide a five-star dining experience at a reasonable, affordable price.


The King's Court

What: Steakhouse and Restaurant

Where: 151 North Central Street

            Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Hours: Wednesday-Friday 4-9 p.m.

            Saturday 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

            Sunday 11 a.m.-8 p.m.