"With Sympathy for Job" first published project for Crawford

Feb. 24, 2013 @ 06:38 AM

 A childhood thought to grow up and write books has evolved for 48-year-old Jeff Crawford.

 The Gilkey resident who is a member of the management team at the sewing plant,Oh Suzannah! in Spindale, has his first novel published on Amazon.com

Crawford's "With Sympathy for Job" was published on Feb. 14 and on Friday it went online at Barnes & Noble.

"I'm very excited it's now at Barnes & Noble. We'll see how it does," Crawford said. 

"With Sympathy for Job" is his first published on Amazon.com. A second novel is expected to be published in May.

Crawford said he dabbled with the idea of writing when he was a kid but never thought a lot about it as he grew older. A few years ago after undergoing surgery, he had free time on his hands and pursued the childhood dream of writing. 

"It was not much longer than a short story and even though it was amusing and slightly interesting, it wasn't very good," he said of his first project.

That project was one several and during the past couple years Crawford has written several books.

"With only one exception, I have written mainly about the Post Civil War South because that is what I like and I try to write about what I would like to read," Crawford said. "As close as I ever came to an education that was focused on literature was the truck load of books I must have read over my lifetime . . .there are certain topics that I prefer to read above others." 

Although "With Sympathy for Job" has not been his favorite project, he said he received so many favorable comments from friends and family he became more serious about having it published. 

"People who read it were upset and disturbed by the imagetry, but they all bought into the idea of what the book was about," he said.

"The book deals with a poor farmer who over time has lost everything dear to him except for his daughter," Crawford said. "Then because of an act of kindness on her part she falls victims to the brutality of a neighbor.

"The girl lives just long enough afterwards to tell her father who had done such terrible things to her. With the help of an elderly Cherokee Indian woman who possesses certain pyschi twinkle and his knowledge of the Biblical character Job to draw comparrison from, the main character sets out to avenge his daughter and come to grips with himself and what he has left for a life," Crawford said.

The book is dedicated to Crawford's uncle, the late Ray Crawford, who encouraged his writing through the years.


About the book:

The book is about the death of Molly Burgess. According to the book description on Amazon, "She died far too young and much too brutally for someone that possessed the nature and kind spirit that she did. She tried to live after all of those terrible things had been done to her but in the end she only succeeded in living until she saw her father for that one last time, but that one time was enough. Enough for her to tell him who had done such things to her then she finally found peace. The nightmare was only beginning for her father though. He would find this person and he would know why the boy had chosen to do what he had done before avenging his daughter but Iva Burgess doubted that he would be so lucky in finding his own peace considering what he was planning. The old woman back in the hills felt what was happening and would help if she could even though the cost to their souls could and probably would be steep, maybe steeper than the mountains that had always protected them before now."


Rarely a book is able to combine the tragic with both rage & sensitivity. Yet this book is able to capture a father's loss against a mystic setting and make us, not only, like the protagonist but, at least in my case, cheer him on...no matter how bloody the path before him. (By MK)

This is one of the best books I have ever read. I literally could not put it down. I felt an array of emotions as I read this book about a parent's loss and his determination to get even. I've never been one to personally seek out revenge, but I had a gut-wrenching desire for this father to seek out his daughter's killer and take vengence into his own hands. I highly recommend this book. (Gina Chapman)

The idea that this is Jeff Crawford's first foray into writing is simply astounding. This novel is an excellent story which will leave the reader wanting to see what happens next. You can feel Iva's anguish in this heart wrenching tale of the ultimate revenge a parent can take on a child's perpetrator. Jeff Crawford has combined the perfect philosophy of "an eye for an eye" and retribution into this novel. (By pianobabe)