A passion for Christian music ministry

Rutherford County native musician, singer signs recording contract
Aug. 15, 2013 @ 04:23 AM

"I don't believe that I will ever stop doing music in any way, shape or form," said David Coffin, a Rutherford County native who has been active in Christian music ministry in North Carolina and South Carolina for nearly 20 years. "Even if I take a break, I don't think that it will ever be a permanent thing that I'm just not doing."

Coffin has been involved with some type of singing since he was about three years old, the first time he sang "Jesus Love Me" in front of his entire church.

"From there, I got really involved in music in middle school when I was at Harris and in the chorus there," said Coffin. "Then I was in the chorus all the way through high school at Chase. At that point I was already singing in church at Chase Baptist, and after high school I started singing at other churches."

During his 20 years in Christian music, Coffin has performed and lead worship at many churches in the area, both as a solo act and as part of the Christian rock band Mustard Seed Faith (MSF).

He has also served as the music director and worship leader at Harmon Street Baptist Church and as part of the praise team at Element Church.

Coffin currently serves as A/V coordinator and small group leader at Relate Church, his church in Hendersonville.

Even when Coffin was not performing, he was involved with event promotions for Christian concerts in Rutherford and Polk counties including such musical acts as Building 429, Todd Agnew, Kevin Thornton, Jill Parr and Harris III.

In 2010, Coffin organized a Christian street festival in Forest City called 'iPraise' with two stages and 25 bands. He has also independently, or collectively with other churches, helped with concert promotions and events in Rutherford County at The Foundation, Chase High School and Element Church.

Yet Coffin, who works full-time as the Food Services Director at St. Luke's Hospital in Columbus, has not been doing promotions or performing his music for nearly two years.

"I was getting really tired because it seemed like I was just going and going, working a full-time job and every evening I was just pushing to get these kinds of things done," Coffin said. "I felt like God was telling me it was time to take a rest, to get refilled by Him."

After taking the two-year sabbatical, Coffin said he is ready to get back to the ministry God has called him to do.

"Now some doors have started opening and it's time to get started," Coffin said.

One of those doors that opened was a recording contract with Faith Music Group, a studio and music label in Sanford. On August 1, Coffin and Faith Music Group agreed to a recording and booking contract.

"We are excited to work with such great talent and someone who has a heart for ministry," said Melissa Nance of Faith Music Group. "We expect an extraordinary journey."

Coffin is eager to launch a comeback with his band and Faith Music Group, with the desire to share the struggles and triumphs of his own life so that God might use him to teach young people and inspire older generations.

"Myself and the band will start practicing this month. We're a group of friends, and old friends from Element Church are going to be helping us out with that," Coffin said. "We are trying to work out all of our schedules to get our first studio day, and it looks like it will probably be sometime in October."

Coffin also hopes to get a full CD finished by next spring.

"I would love at some point if God opened the door for me to do this full-time and if Christian music ministry would provide for my livelihood and my family," Coffin said. "But if not, I'll just continue to go through the doors that are open and work at the job that He provides."